Daydreaming (ngelantur)

What is your dream?
Do you have dreaming book?
What is your dream job/life?
Well, my boss not here now so i have time to blogging
Oh i forgot, today is March 1st. It means that i have been working here for one year, yeeeah..!!
I feel so excited when i have to go to office on monday. But on Thursday suddenly i’m not that excited, i always waiting for friday and then weekend. It’s normal hehe
Actually i’m a lazy person. I like being lazy at home. I’m not working since i was graduate from college. I like staying at home. There so many thing that i can do at home like making clothes, cooking (boong banget), gardening, learning korean and applied some jobs. I’m so happy that time, i’ve got so much time but so little money
I’m a worker but i keep study in my office or at home. I was so happy when i’m working in 9th floor. I’ve got so much work to do but i still have time for study korean. Korean? Yep, i like korean so much. I’ve been study korean since 4 or 5 years ago. But until now i still don’t get it
I like learning foreign language, if i have time i will learn other language too. But what will i be if i keep study study and study? My sister said “Why don’t you just resign from your office and back to college. Study, study, study and study? Don’t you want to go to work?”
If i can choose my job or my life. I wanna be a wife, a mother, an enterpreneur and a part time teacher. Yes, that’s my dream, don’t laugh. I can share my knowledge to my student, i can be a freelance interpreter, and i can spend my time for my future kids.
Don’t worry i won’t resign from my job, because i love my job. I still have to work here until 2041. I’m so excited and scarry.
Mulai sekarang aku postingnya pake bahasa inggris sekalian buat latihan writing IELTS. CMIIW


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