What If…

Me in Peyto Lake

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog! Do you miss me??? Eaaa haha.  It’s been a month since the last time i posted a travel journal in my blog (postingan galaw kemaren nggak diitung yak), How much does it cost to travel to Europe. I hope that help for those who wants to visit Europe.

Ok, here we go!!

Umm what am I going to write? Why am I writing in inglish? Ask me whyyy!! ASK ME!!! Lol. Ok, because you’re my lovely reader, I’m gonna tell you the answer. It’s just because I’m going to take IELTS for the third time. My last score wasn’t good,  I took IELTS on 2014 in Brisbane and i’m lucky to be interviewed by a female interviewer who give me  difficult topic in the interview section.  Now I have to improve my English skill. I have to practice but I’m too lazy. Do you know what is the best way to learn foreign language? Do you know why I never read english blog? It’s because I’m mumet, my english so poor. Do you know what mumet is? It has the same meaning like pening, pusing, puyeng, or some people says dizzy, zzzzzz. I was dizzy and cold last Thursday. But I still decided to go to the cinema to watched The Nekad Traveler movie. This galaw traveler need hiburan bhahaha.

When I watched the movie I couldn’t stop smiling. I realized that I’ve been to a lot of the places in the film. I haven’t been to the Maldives and the Philippines. When Trinity mentioned her bucket list I was very excited.

Heyyy that’s my bucket list too, and I’ve been there!! I’m really proud of myself. Buat anak rumahan kuper bisa kelayapan sendirian ke negara yang sangat jauh merupakan suatu pencapaian. Yeyeyeyayyyy. Gak boleh sombong!

I have read all The Naked Travelers series and i keep waiting for her new blog post in website. Long time ago, when i was reading her first book i was a little bit shocked.  How come she got free ticket to Maldives!!?? (Maldives, right? Or?? I forget) Ouchhh I’m envy. She was lucky. And Winny also lucky, she always meet nice people in the road. And me too!! I met Mr. nice guy in the middle of nowhere who bought me dinner and make me drunk hahaha. Heyy I’m joking. I’m a syariah solo traveler *kibasin jilbab (padahal gak pake jilbab)

What if. What if I met Mr. X (the secret character in the book) and he wants to give me  3 free return tickets wherever I want, I would like to go to 3 C:

  1. Chile
  2. Cruise in Antarctica
  3. Canada
This is not in Antarctica, it’s in New Zealand, Canada and Alaska

Why Chile??

Because return ticket from Cengkareng to Santiago very expensive. I’m not sure if I can buy ticket to get there. I have to work 1 year just to pay my trip. I can take the route Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur – Melbourne, Melbourne – Auckland, Auckland – Santiago. It’s a bloody long way. It’s not separate ticket anyway. I can buy ticket from Jakarta to Melbourne by myself, but I’m not sure I can buy ticket LATAM Airline from Melbourne to Santiago.

I want to go to Patagonia and hiking for a week or more. I want to see Torres del Paine National Park, enjoy the nature and ngegalaw, nestapa, durjana di tepi glacier wkwkwkwk. I haven’t search yet. I know nothing about Patagonia. I just want to go there. From Chile I can go to Peru and visit Machu Pichu. Woww that’s really beautifull destination. *dreaming

Why Cruise in Antarctica?

Photo from here

Because I cannot swim from Fin del Mundo, Ushuaia to Antarctica. I can’t even swim in swimming pool, and it’s pretty cold anyway, Antarctica. I want to go to Falkland Island, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands. I also want to take selfie with thousands penguins haha. Hmmm I think I should apply a job as a crew in BBC Earth or National Geographic Antarctica Expedition. That’s brilliant idea’s ,right?. But i’m not a biologist, naturalist, or scientist, i’m just an Indonesian girl who love dreaming and make my dream come true, lol.

As we know, the cost for cruise to Antarctica is very expensive. Wait wait, where there is a will there is a way. I’m going to search the cheapest way to get to Antarctica in google. Ok, i got it!! The answer is, IMPOSSIBLE. There is no way for doing it for cheaper. Do I have money US$10.000?? Of course.. NOT! I’m so sad, seriously I’m very sad huhuhu. I heard that the cheapest cost for Antarctica cruise is around USD 5.000. Still to expensive for me. Heyy, don’t you said that it’s just a dream. What if I meet someone like Mr. X who bought me free ticket anywhere, so I don’t have to worried about the expenses haha. *orang gilak

Me in Antarctica. Lie haha, this is Alaska.

And, why Canada??

Athabasca Falls? (i forget)

Because Canada is a big country in North America. I know nothing about geography so let me check google first, ok! Brb.

*5 minutes later

I’m coming! I just got some information about Canada. Canada is a country in northern half of North America. The capital city of Canada is Toronto. Its ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic to the pacific and northward into the Arctic ocean. Whatttt!!?? Arctic!! I wanna go there!!! I want to go to Arctic and Antarctica!! I want to see polar in Arctic and Penguins in Antarctica! I also want to see you. Yess you! Hahaha. I’m an ice queen, always love ice and glacier.

Ice queen in the land of ice and fire

Do you know the prime minister of Canada is like an actor. He’s so cute. Who’s his name? Justin? Justin who? Justin Bieber? Ok, back to the topic. Why am I want to go to Canada. I’ve traveled to Canada 6 months ago, but it was just short visit. 5 days, can you imagine I went to Canada just for 5 days! Alhamdulillah. Hehe. I think I’m falling in love with the nature in Canada. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love my country. Wherever I go my home is Indonesia. I love Indonesia.

Canada is more then just mountains, Canada is Polar Bear. What do you mean? I mean I want to go to Canada because I want to see polar bear in Hudson Bay, Churchill, Manitoba.  There are many Polar Bear Tours in Canada, I’m not sure if I can pay for the tour. Maybe I should go to Svalbard if I want to see Polar Bear for free. Heyyy it’s too danger. Don’t you want to live forever til you meet your future someone lol.

If I have free return ticket to Canada, I will visit Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Vancouver, Yoho National Park, Whitehorse, Yukon, Inuvik, Nunavut and Kugluktuk (I don’t know what’s on in Inuvik, Nunavut and Kugluktuk, it just sound sexy) Drumheller, Churchill, Niagara Falls, Toronto, New York, Washington DC, San Fransisco, Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Zion National Park, Shenandoah National Park, Hoh National Park, Olympic National Park, Great Smoky Mountain, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, Acadia National Park in Maine, and Glacier National Park in Montana.


Heyyyy wait wait!! This is not in Canada!! Well I know, I can buy ticket to The USA. That’s the point, I want to go to The USA. Ultimate road trip USA, that’s cool! USA i’m coming.

*kalo engerishnya banyak ngaco mohon dimaafkan


34 thoughts on “What If…”

  1. Asli baca postingnnya mbak bijo jadi sambil senyum2 sendiri,hihihi…abis lucu banget sih apalagi di bagian “mumet”hahahaha…keren deh mbak 👍

      1. Iyak pede aja hehe. Ada 1 paragraf yang aku edit setelah dikoreksi, eh malah dibilang gini, “Lo ngapain diedit, gaya tulisan lo emang kaya gitu pan” Lahh 😂

    1. Enggak, iseng aja hehe. Ada beberapa tawaran beasiswa tapi gak mau daptar, eh mentok deng di IELTS. Sertifikatku udah expired tahun lalu.

      Ambil yang academic (kalo gak males) 🙈

  2. inggrisnya aku banget lah pokoknya…cuma sedikit mudeng saat baca daripada ngomong langsung wkwkwk

  3. Ga masalah kok ada stempel pernah ke Iran, yang ga boleh masuk kan pemegang passport dari negara tersebut.. Passport Indonesia diterima kok di US, apalagi udah pernah ke Alaska.. btw aku juga pengen banget tuh road trip ke Canada tapi ga tahu kapan hehe…

  4. But I like your bl9g than Trinity. Last year I read Trinity boom or blog. I FEEL Not interesting again, anc * find you in Islandia. A place who I must see aurora. Love your bl9g, and made me addict

  5. Kak bijoooo masa tadi aku nonton Trinity malah keinget sama kakak yaaaaaa, huahahahhaa xD gak mau bikin buku juga nih kak, siapa tau bisa di bikin film muehehehe :3

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