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Where are you, Bijo?

Oh no, i haven’t posted anything yet since a long time ago in my blog. I was very busy with my life. I don’t even remember that i have a blog. What kinda blogger am i. Don’t tell yourself a blogger if you never updated your journal.

I was planning to apply a scholarship and take master degree in the US. But i don’t think that i can do that. I don’t even meet the minimum english score requirement to apply graduate program in the university in the US. I’m still strugling with my english.

I took IELTS last year but my score only 6. Did i give up? No! I took IELTS again last month and i end up with 5,5 band IELTS. Did i give up? Of course no. I have another ibt TOEFL next saturday. And guess what, i haven’t study and not familiar with the test. I was busy with my job. I don’t know how to manage my time. I was exhausted every day.

I’m not sure with my TOEFL. I don’t know how to sit in my room and study. I was too tired. I do have another test next month.

Being a traveler doesn’t help your english ability. You only have to study, that’s all you need. I think i will give up with my plan and sleep now. I’m sleepy. Good night


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