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Happy Birthday

I just woke up and realize that today is my birthday. Yay happy birthday to me! I didn’t jumped to the bathroom and took shower, instead i grab my phone and post my blog for the first time. The reason why i never posted anything in my blog was because personal reason.

Today i wanna thankfull to god for give me the chance for living the fullest. Thank you for give me health, thank you for every thing. If i can ask to god, i wanna get the opportunity to get IELTS band 7. And a husband, i want a husband haha.

I was busy working and study. That’s the reason why i never blogwalking or posted a journal. I’m a scholarsip hunter now. I wanna take master degree in the US or UK, but how?

Am i ambitious? No. I’ve been living in comfort zone for very long time. I have to use my brain and absorb new thing. I like study. I wanna make change. I didn’t go traveling for vacation for a long time because i use the money for the preparation for the scholarship hunting. It’s so expensive haha.

Next month i will have another preparation course which is focus with math, high level english vocabulary and essay writing. Yess i’m struggling with english. I thought english is easy, but i was wrong. I will have a test in October. And another IELTS in September. Ah, and a trip to Jogja next week. Does anyone wanna meet up?

Ok, i have to sholat subuh now, and then go to hospital for medical check up, for the requirement to apply scholarship. Manusia berusaha, Tuhan yang menentukan. I’ll keep on trying and trying and trying. Wish me luck for the IELTS! 😄

Have a good day!


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday”

    1. Thank you so much 😊
      I really need IELTS higher score haha.
      Actually i’m not confident writing in english. What if… What if… But i don’t care if i make mistake now, i need my reader to corroct my english, if they don’t mind 😅

  1. Happy birthday Bijo, may Allah grants you with lots of love, happiness and success in this world and the after life aamiin.

    Just keep on writing (on anything), bcos practice makes perfect 😁
    Dan walopun enggris aku juga ga bagus-bagus amat, boleh loh bijo kalo mau kontak buat diskusi, gini-gini pan pernah nulis tesis pake bahasa enggris juga wkwkwk 😂

  2. Happy belated birthday Bijoooo.. Sesama Agustusan ya ternyata haha.. Semakin berbahagia, CEPAT DAPAT SUAMI (tuh sampai dicapslock supaya doamu terkabul hahaha), dan dilancarkan semua urusan termasuk rencana kuliahnya. Sukses selalu yaa

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