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Bijo ke Mana Aja?

Danau Kawaguchi

Rasanya waktu sehari berasa kurang aja sampe gak sempet nulis. Bijo ke mana ajaaaa? Ada, di rumah. Emang ngapain aja? Belajar! Iya belajar.Ngapain coba saya belajar, saya kan bukan anak sekolah atau kuliahan. Kerajinan kan hmm

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My Story

Live Lately

Yohooo.. I’m back! Don’t you miss me?? I was very busy since 3 months ago because I have a lot of work to do, traveled for work and study. Yup, study! What am I study? English, duh. The reason why I didn’t go traveling for vacation because.. I’m running out of money lol. I’ve spent my money for scholarship hunting. What will be will be. Manusia berusaha, Tuhan yang menentukan. Pantang menyerah kalo kata orang mah hehe. Okie, back in English!

I’m feeling so tired now. I feel exhausted almost everyday. I always go home late since last week because I have a class. I got home at 12 am on Monday and Wednesday. My mum always calling me and asked me, “Where the hell are you!?” “Why are you always go home late! Don’t go home, stay in your friend’s kosan” She worried to her daughter lol. Can you imagine, I spend my time out there from 5.40 am to 12 am. And then the next day I will tepar and late for work.

Last night my teacher asked me, “What is your purpose study here (course)?” And then I said, “I wanna take master degree”. And he asked me again, “Yeah I know, I mean what field? What major?” Ummmmm… I don’t need a long time to answer his question. I said, “Public administration or public policy”. “Where?” “In the USA??”. “Which university?” “Ummmm….. (sebutin satu nama universitas)”. I’m not confident mention one of the university in the US haha.

“Well that’s a good university. You need an effort to write your essay.” “Yeahhh, I’m working on it.” But the problem is.. I’m still struggling with my English. I’ve took IELTS and iBT TOEFL for 4 times and I didn’t get good score. I’m stuck here. I only need 0,5 more for my IELTS or 11 points for my TOEFL. And what’s new? Last Saturday I re-take IELTS for the third time, and I’m not sure with the result. We’ll see the test report form next week.

No matter how hard I’m trying I always get low score. I think english is not that difficult compare to other foreign language. But why is it so hard to learn it. Am I too old for study? I don’t know. My vocabulary limited. My grammar poor. I don’t even know what is the different among have, had, and has haha.

My sister asked me, “Why are you trying so hard! Come on, stay at home and help me run our business. Stop study. Let’s make money!” But sis, I wanna persuing master degree in the USA. Or I will stay here if I find a guy to married with and build a family dududu.

Last Saturday I met a woman who feeling not confident took IELTS because she thought she’s too old for IELTS, because the other IELTS candidates was younger than her. She took IELTS for her Phd. She planning to take doctoral degree to Europe. Her effort motivated me. I wanna be like her. I mean study. She working in university and her university doesn’t allow her to take Phd before the university commitee give her permission. Iyuh, panjang ya prosesnya.

Last week I met my boss and asked his permission to apply scholarship. He asked me many questions. Why are you apply scholarship? After get his permission, I went to my other boss and ask him to give me recommendation leter. Applying scholarship? The struggle is real. Back to the moment when I was applying my job. I’ve work here for almost 8 years, wew. I have to go to Jakarta, Serang for the test. When I’m feeling so tired I will cry. It happen again now haha..

What am I doing with my life? I’m studying GRE. I think this is the most difficult test. I wonder who create this GRE questions. There are a plethora of words that I don’t understand what’s the meaning. I have to memorize more than 1.000 vocabulary that I’ve never heard. I have to practice practice and practice. FYI, I hate writing in English. Why are you tortured yourself, Bijo?

Long time ago, when I read Indonesian blogger’s blog who write in English, I always asked myself, why are they writing their journal in English? WHY??? And then I will skip their post and close their tab hahaha. Sorry! Please don’t close my blog. You can read my blog and correct my English. I know there must be a lot of wrong words or sentences or grammar. Okay back to reality. I have to study anymore.


Happy Birthday

I just woke up and realize that today is my birthday. Yay happy birthday to me! I didn’t jumped to the bathroom and took shower, instead i grab my phone and post my blog for the first time. The reason why i never posted anything in my blog was because personal reason.

Today i wanna thankfull to god for give me the chance for living the fullest. Thank you for give me health, thank you for every thing. If i can ask to god, i wanna get the opportunity to get IELTS band 7. And a husband, i want a husband haha.

I was busy working and study. That’s the reason why i never blogwalking or posted a journal. I’m a scholarsip hunter now. I wanna take master degree in the US or UK, but how?

Am i ambitious? No. I’ve been living in comfort zone for very long time. I have to use my brain and absorb new thing. I like study. I wanna make change. I didn’t go traveling for vacation for a long time because i use the money for the preparation for the scholarship hunting. It’s so expensive haha.

Next month i will have another preparation course which is focus with math, high level english vocabulary and essay writing. Yess i’m struggling with english. I thought english is easy, but i was wrong. I will have a test in October. And another IELTS in September. Ah, and a trip to Jogja next week. Does anyone wanna meet up?

Ok, i have to sholat subuh now, and then go to hospital for medical check up, for the requirement to apply scholarship. Manusia berusaha, Tuhan yang menentukan. I’ll keep on trying and trying and trying. Wish me luck for the IELTS! 😄

Have a good day!


Where are you, Bijo?

Oh no, i haven’t posted anything yet since a long time ago in my blog. I was very busy with my life. I don’t even remember that i have a blog. What kinda blogger am i. Don’t tell yourself a blogger if you never updated your journal.

I was planning to apply a scholarship and take master degree in the US. But i don’t think that i can do that. I don’t even meet the minimum english score requirement to apply graduate program in the university in the US. I’m still strugling with my english.

I took IELTS last year but my score only 6. Did i give up? No! I took IELTS again last month and i end up with 5,5 band IELTS. Did i give up? Of course no. I have another ibt TOEFL next saturday. And guess what, i haven’t study and not familiar with the test. I was busy with my job. I don’t know how to manage my time. I was exhausted every day.

I’m not sure with my TOEFL. I don’t know how to sit in my room and study. I was too tired. I do have another test next month.

Being a traveler doesn’t help your english ability. You only have to study, that’s all you need. I think i will give up with my plan and sleep now. I’m sleepy. Good night


RAMADAN EKSTRA TOKOPEDIA (24 dan 25 Mei 2018) – Core Activities


Nggak kerasa hari ini udah memasuki puasa hari ke-8, waktu bekerja kurang lebih 2 minggu lagi sebelum mulai libur lebaran yay! Libur lebaran tahun ini lebih panjang dari tahun sebelumnya, dan yang lebih menyenangkan adalah nggak dipotong cuti tahunan, bahagia sekali saya. Kemarin saya denger di berita juga kalo pembagian tunjangan hari raya sudah dekat. Gaji, thr, tunjangan, dalam satu bulan bisa sedikit kaya mendadak hihi. Tangan saya udah gatel aja mau beli tiket. Ealah kemarin udah sobek tiket deng hiks.

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Ramadan Ekstra : Tips Belanja Online Hemat Selama Bulan Ramadan di Tokopedia


Mayday mayday!! Sekarang udah bulan Mei, sebentar lagi udah bulan puasa, bulan depan udah lebaran, whoaaa! Kayaknya baru kemarin kita puasa dan lebaran, nggak berasa sebentar lagi kita akan memasuki bulan Ramadhan kembali. Bilang apa adek-adek? Alhamdulillah.

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Girls Trip to Vietnam

Fishing Village

“Kak Bijo, aku udah beli tiket ke Vietnam!” Kata Winny. Saya sih cuek aja pas dikabarin kalo dia udah beli tiket ke Vietnam. Abisnya saya antara pengen nggak kepengen banget ke Vietnam. Tapi yen tak pikir-pikir, kapan lagi saya bisa jalan sama dia, masak ke Blok M mulu jalan barengnya. Yoweslah saya juga mau ikut ke Vietnam.

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