The competition just began

Yep, the competition just began. I like competition. It reminds me when i took an exam to become a Government Employee on 2010. How do we say PNS in english?
So, here’s the story. Next month i’m planning to take IELTS test in the next building of my office. I want to take a schoolarship to Australia. I must get the highest IELTS score if i want to be the lucky one. So from now on i decided to practice my english. I think English is so difficult. But i believe i will get the best score. The key is only practice, practice and practice, right? Practice makes perfect. I only have 1 month to prepare everything. I never took an english course before so it’s not gonna be easy.
I feel a little bit nerveous now because i never practice or speaking english at all. I thought when i start working here, i will met foreigners or maybe korean. I always want to practice my korean
Last night, when i want to read my IELTS preparation’s book, i don’t know why do i keep opened my korean book and read the book. There so many korean in my head. When i wan’t to say something in english, the words won’t came out, i spoke korean again and again. When i want to write english in my blog at this time, i must thinking hard. Ok maybe this is what it called Korean Wave’s effect
Every friday on the weekend i always attend transfer knowledge class on the meeting room in my office. The speaker is native speaker, Mr. Philip from Australia. Me and my friends do some discussion about law or government policies. But sometimes i don’t understand what they’re talking about. The topic is too hard, i don’t even know the news on TV. Yeah i’m not up to date.
Segini dulu deh. Masih ancur banget, bingung mo nulis apaan. Teman-teman, bantuin aku ngoreksi ya kalo banyak yang salah. Supaya aku tau kemampuanku. Mohon bimbingannya.. *bow*
그롷니까 여러분 영어를 좀 가르쳐 주세요.
CMIIW, gan! Correct me if i’m wrong.
Belajar belajar belajar!


17 thoughts on “The competition just began”

  1. museliem said: ga tau yah.. cuma ngeliat sekilas aja.. keknya ada yang janggal…

    oh ya?aku ngarang sedapetnya aja sih heheHayo janggal di mananya?IELTS preparation’s book (buku persiapan IELTS)

  2. srisariningdiyah said: Oiya kalo nulis tahun, dpn nya in, rika. Misal ‘in 2010’ jg berlaku untk bulan. Kalo nulis diawali pake nama hari baru pake ‘on’

    in August 24th 2012on Fridayaku dah nangkep, tengkiu mbak ari

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